I first got to know Soo Yee at a networking event but instead of me talking to her, my business partner did and he told me about it after. Meeting and speaking with Soo Yee has been one of the most eye-opening things in my life, thus far.

She is an EXCELLENT financial manager who understands different needs and tailors her knowledge based on who you are. As a freelancer with an unstable income, Soo Yee has managed to keep me within a budget so that I would have saved for the upcoming months with lesser income.

I’ve been telling my friends about Soo Yee’s services. I would definitely recommend because she doesn’t just treat you as a client but has a friendly touch too.

– Ian Skatu, Artiste

Soo Yee is a person who is patient enough to answer all your questions and gives in-depth, genuine explanations about your financial situation. I truly learned a lot about financial planning and gained valuable knowledge. Highly recommended.

– Yuvarajan, Educator

I got in touch with Soo Yee after reading about a friend’s experience with her. I went from someone that has no savings whatsoever to one that now has some emergency funds and investments for my future.

Soo Yee is great at what she does. She explain things in great length of details and with lots of patience to make sure you understand them.

If you know nuts about managing your finances, my advise is you seek out for Soo Yee’s advice. You’ll gain more than financial advise, you’ll also gain knowledge.

– Sandy Cheng, Producer

“Soo Yee has very good customer service & she is very dedicated in servicing her clients. She is very patient, good follow up, listening very attentively to her clients’ needs & able to propose a policy which suits her clients best.”

– Simon Tang, Business Development Manager

“It’s important to choose a financial planner who knows and understands your needs, not one who pushes the products to you regardless of your needs. Soo Yee did a good job in reviewing my existing financial landscape. She highlighted area of improvements and then optimised my insurance and investment portfolio (with lesser money!). Post sales service by Soo Yee is excellent, as she keeps in touch with me, reviews and updates me frequently on my financial standing. Remember your needs change over time, so your financial planner should review the plan with you consistently.

I recommend you to talk to her to review your finance because she will optimise your finances and bring you closer to your financial goals.”

– Neow, Business Owner