3 Things I Learnt About My Expenses During MCO

At the time of writing, it is day 47 of Movement Control Order (MCO)  in Malaysia. How do you feel about your life during the MCO period? For me, initially I started my first two weeks of MCO feeling stressed out. As time goes by, and with the extension of MCO (for a few times), [...]

3 Common Questions on Your Emergency Fund

“Make preparations in advance – you never have trouble if you are prepared for it.” Theodore Roosevelt How Much Emergency Fund Do I need? If you are single with no dependent At least 3 months of your monthly expenses. Example: If your monthly expenses (loans, food & beverage, transportation, accommodation, insurance, etc) is RM 3000, [...]

Do You Know The Difference Between Medical Insurance And Critical Illness Insurance?

We have trees in the picture above. Let me ask you. What happened if the tree trunk is chopped down? Can the tree regrow? Yes. Now, if the tree root is removed and destroyed. Can you regrow the tree? No. The tree root represents YOU. On the other hand, the tree trunk represents your investment [...]

Top 3 Reasons Why People Sign up For Credit Card

“Help me on credit card sales, I give you free gift” Does the above conversation sound familiar to you? This is very common in Malaysia. I got the idea to write on credit card after kept being  approached by credit card sales person in the mall. Imagine. The typical credit card sales booth in the [...]

Money Hacks Series #1

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits” - Charles A. Jaffe This time I am going to share some of the apps that I used and these apps save me tons of money. I was surprised on how much I have accumulated with these small money hack tips! Read below [...]

4 Things That Your Insurance Agent Might Not Tell You

What does medical insurance do? Medical insurance pays off your costs of treatment and medication of hospitalization. Don’t confuse medical insurance with critical illness insurance, which pays out a lump sum once diagnosed with one of the critical illness. Critical illness insurance serves as income replacement while medical insurance pays for your medical bill. Many [...]