He delayed his engagement for 3 years because of this.

This is a true story.

He delayed his engagement for 3 years because of this.

He is my client who is great entrepreneur, passionate in providing IOT solution. He shared with me on his true story.

Everything in his life seems good until he received this phone call.

He was left stoned after picking up the call. The outcome of the call is totally beyond his control.

Should I Clear my Debt_ (2)

His mom was diagnosed with brain tumor relapse.

Various mental pictures and memories of laughter, hugs, embarrassment moments, and touching moments started to flash back.

His mind was flooded with different thoughts. He was thinking, how much time left for him to spend with her.

He felt there are so much yet to be done with his mom.

His mom had retired. What does it mean? It means that she was out of company medical benefit. If you were him,  you would do anything to prolong her mom’s life, won’t you?

Yes, he ended up exhausting all his bank saving trying to save his late mom. He had tried to provide the best medical treatment for his mom, but efforts were all in vain.

The saving that he had accumulated was initially meant for engagement. With this incidence, he had to defer his engagement to 3 years later.

My heart wrenched.

Things could be so different if proper risk management is in place.

His late mom could have received the best medical treatment, therefore prolonged her life, if medical insurance was bought during healthy time.

His own finances would be different.

Things could be different.

If you have a goose that lays golden eggs. Would you protect the goose OR the golden eggs?

A lot of times, we are so busy chasing for wealth (golden eggs) that we forgot about the most important asset (we ourselves are the geese that lays golden eggs). It is utmost important to have risk management planning in place for unforeseen circumstances, so that production of golden eggs can be continued.  

Talk to me today to check if you have done proper risk management for yourself, and your loved ones.


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