3 Things That I Learnt From My Car Accident

Have you involved in car accident before?

If yes, do you recall how you felt at that moment?

I was nervous.

Just 2 weeks ago, my car bumped into a Toyato Vellfire. Fortunately, it’s just minor accident without any injury made to persons.

I have learnt several lessons while handling car accident as well as insurance claim.

Happy Liberation Day! (2)

  1. Do not panic

The very first lesson I learnt is not to be panic.

I need a clear mind to craft out the potential solutions.

There were two solution running on my mind, either lodge a police report OR pay out of the pocket.

My concern on pay out of pocket would be, what if the person received my money AND still lodge a police report against me?

At the same time, I was thinking it’s troublesome to lodge police report and claim car insurance too.

Eventually, I chose to lodge police to protect myself from any legal issue.

True enough, when I checked online, I found this:

“By law, all Malaysians involved in a car accident are required to make a police report within the first 24-hours of the accident, not just those who plan on claiming insurance for their car. Late reporting can result in a RM120 fine or more.”  — World of Buzz

Once police report lodge, and you are found to be at fault, you would need to pay RM300 fine at stipulated time frame.


  1. Take evidence

Take lots of photo of the car condition (both yours and and other party), inclusive of car plate, damaged area, as well as car road tax.

Also, take photo of Identity card/ passport (if foreigner) and driving licence.

Take contact number of the other person, and make call to the phone on the spot to ensure correct number is taken.

Fact to remember here:

If your road tax, car insurance, and driving license are not updated on accident day, you will be declined of car insurance claim. Yes, go and check on your documents now!


  1. Claim Settlement

If you car is in really bad condition that you need a car tow, call your car insurance/ agent. Do not take offers from car tow-truck that comes from nowhere. You are likely to experience exorbitant charges from car tow-truck that comes from nowhere.

Now come to repair cost. You can choose to settle the claim via insurance or out of own pocket.

If you choose to claim via insurance, then it depends on your car insurance policy.

Third party policy

It pays out claim to other party, but not your car.

Comprehensive policy

It pays out claim to BOTH other party AND your car.

Once you are found at fault, and claim for car insurance, you will lose your NCB. NCB (no claim bonus) is reward to reduce your car insurance premium if you do not claim for certain amount of years. Maximum NCB after certain period is at 55%. It means your car insurance premium will enjoy 55% discount if you have accumulated 55% NCB.

Therefore it is important to weight the cost involved before making decision.

Calculate the cost of losing NCB vs cost of repairing.

For my case, I chose to claim insurance because the damage on the other party car was pretty bad.

My insurer is Kurnia (now named as Am Assurance). It offers two type of claims.

  1. Send in my car to panel workshop and probably can get my car in 2 weeks or more.
  2. Express claim
  • Bring my car to Kurnia Express Claim office
  • File in documents
  • Officer takes pictures of my car
  • Adjustor then quotes on claim amount, and if I agree, I will sign a document and money will be bank into my bank account
  • I am then free to use the money to repair my car at any workshop

I chose Express Claim because my work nature requires me to travel around to meet clients. I can’t afford to leave my car in the workshop for 2 weeks or more.

To be able to use Express Claim, having some networks with car workshop is important. I managed to get some rough idea on the repair cost, then only I can decide whether the claim provided by insurance company is sufficient.

Yes, save some car workshop contacts in your phone. Trust me, they will be helpful in times like this.

Now, you have some ideas on how to settle car insurance & its claim process.  Remember them! Information like these might be useful in future, we never know right?

Finally, keep 100% focus while driving and have a safe drive!

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